The Directorate General of Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh is the Drug Regulatory Authority of the country. This Directorate supervises and implements all prevailing Drug Regulations in the country and regulates all activities related to import, procurement of raw and packing materials, production and import of finished drugs, export, sale, pricing, etc. of all kinds of medicine including those of Ayurvedic, Unani, Herbal and Homoeopathic systems. At present, there are 317 Allopathic, 208 Ayurvedic, 286 Unani, 44 Herbal and 71 Homeopathic drug manufacturing companies in the country. The Directorate General of Drug Administration monitors and regulates all the activities of these 926 companies. The chief of the Directorate, designated as the Director General, is also empowered by the Govt. to act as the Licensing Authority (LA) of drugs for the purpose of issuing licenses to manufacture, store, sell, import and export drugs and medicines. At present, there are 47 district offices of the Directorate in the country. All officers of the Directorate function as "Drug Inspector" pursuant to the Drug Laws and assist the Licensing Authority for properly discharging his responsibilities. Besides, a number of Committees, such as Drug Control Committee (DCC), Standing Committee for procurement and import of raw materials and finished drugs, Pricing Committee and a number of other relevant Committees, which comprise of experts, are there to advise the Licensing Authority and to recommend to him matters related to drugs and medicines.

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